Thursday, September 30, 2010

Career Development Talks

As a final year graduate student, I focused more on career development talks during the conference. Here are some suggestions given by a panel discussion on “From the interview to negotiating your salary”:

Rule 1: Send thank you email after the interview.

Rule 2: Research the company extensively.

Rule 3: Be prepared to illustrate your diverse and quantifiable qualifications.

Rule 4: Be prepared to some standard questions (e.g. your strengths, most challenging project, etc.) with answers well memorized.

Rule 5: Do not disclose salary history before an offer is made.

Rule 6: Be able to justify the salary you are asking for.

Rule 7: Toot your own horn! Be proud and vocal about your accomplishments.
A recommended book is “BRAG”.

Rule 8: Have extra copies of your resume and a reference list with you at the interview.

Rule 9: Consider the entire compensation package, like vacation, health insurance, etc, not just salary.

Rule 10: Do not let the pressure of time affect your decision making.
A recommended book is “Getting PAST NO”.

Good luck to all the finishing students!


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